Yarn along- winter walk

yarn along 019yarn along 020Isn’t that yarn great? It knits up like a fair Isle pattern without the effort needed. I think I’ll make a hat for Arthur with it, now which pattern should I pick?  I’m also sewing Arthur a pair of Quick Change Trousers lined with some Warm and Natural Cotton wadding left over from a patchwork quilt I’m making for Beth’s Christmas. Oh my,  I love sewing and knitting. It’s almost my personal therapy!

I’ve felt a real desire to be outside these last few weeks.  It’s almost like a new world has appeared from under where there once was thick trees and leafy bushes, and I love the wonderful sense of freedom and space the scenery around me has. I’m training to become a Health Visitor and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently so being outside has been great for my mental wellbeing. Good friends with coffee and welcoming wood burning stoves have also helped too. One day Graham and I would like to have our own working fireplace to curl up next to with a book and a soft blanket. Oh, bliss.

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autumn 2014 279(Did you notice that both kids are wearing a Gap sweater? My Mum bought all her Grandchildren one last year and they still fit brilliantly)

On the way home from a friend’s party on Sunday the sky was just unbelievable. Gosh, isn’t Scotland is one of the most stunning places in the world?

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