{Yarn along} Fingerless Gloves

{Joining the wonderful Ginny again today}



I knitted these gloves in the car on my way to university over the last few Tuesdays (don’t worry, I wasn’t the driver!)  I didn’t follow a pattern as such, I just knitted rib for an inch on each side and stocking stitch in between. I did the first one to how it felt and copied the same pattern for the other glove. Then I sewed up the two long sides together, leaving a gap for thumbs. The second picture is the glove inside out so you can see what I mean. This is definitely a “not paying attention” kind of pattern. Perfect for knitting in a car (or with a glass of wine)

Do you have a seasonal book basket? I like to have one, it keeps me organised and it is nice for the family to enjoy the rhythm of the seasons in this way.  I typically have poetry, reference books and, of course, lots of fiction.

This year we decided against a Christmas tree.  I feel sorry to see a beautiful living tree be cut down and then put in the bin 4 weeks later, and the potted trees in my experience don’t usually survive either.  We have a 7ft swiss cheese plant (called Monster) that Beth suggested we decorate instead, and I think it looks pretty lovely. I did consider buying a plastic tree but maybe Monster is a better choice for us for now.

book2 book3 book4 book5

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  • Cariemay

    Oh I love the decorated Monster – it looks fabulous and slightly spooky all dressed up with fairy lights!