Yarn along: a day late

(Pictures taken on my phone hence the poor quality)

photo (82)

photo 2

photo (81)

Yesterday Beth started a gymnastic class with one of her friends and the day ran out of time before I had a chance to post here. So, here it is.

This sweater is a gem.  Interesting enough but not to difficult to follow. The only down side? Stopping mid way through a line leads to disaster! The lace is repeated every 7 stitches in a group of four rows. So as long as no child climbs on me for a kiss and no certain adult asks my deepest thoughts on wither we should emigrate to Australia or something thought provoking like that, then I’m fine.  So far I’ve had to unpick 18 rows.

And as for reading? I’ve been, um,  reading The Sun newspaper! I know it doesn’t count and normally I wouldn’t buy it but we are collecting the tokens this week.  I find the saucy ladies on page three a little embarrassing, and so,  the last few days I’ve muttered I’m collecting the tokens to the news agent and quickly scuffled home.

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