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Joining Ginny again for Yarn Along

november 020I’ve picked up Beth’s Lesak tunic again.  I started it last winter and it’s still not finished.  It was so close to completion when I thought I’d lost it. So I started to make another one when, would you believe, I found the original. It was very frustrating. All knitting fell to the sideline while we moved house this year and I’m only getting back into it now.

Here are some pictures of the wood store/ push chair store that Graham built at the weekend.  The photos aren’t great I’m afraid.  I would have taken more but the cat caught a hedge sparrow and I had to chase her around the gardens.  The bird survived but the cat earned herself a collar with three bells added to it.  Bonnie came from a dairy farm and her Mother did a good job training her to kill. In someways she is a brilliant pet- very sweet and gentle with the children, and comes with us for walks along the Glen outside the house – but she knows how to handle herself.  Bonnie likes to pounce on the neighbour’s cats and will climb trees to chase a squirrel, she sure is something else.

november 004

november 006

yarn along 007

autumn 2014 205



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