Yarn along


Beth’s tunic is coming together.  I’m enjoying it more now I’m not feeling the heat to complete it before Easter (clearly I didn’t finish it!)

On Friday Beth returned her book bag from nursery and guess what was inside.  The first tunic! Gah! How did I put it in there? Well, at least it came home.  I’ve unraveled most of it and I think I will turn whats left of it into a pull over for Arthur. Maybe not though.  I am a bit done with this yarn.  We don’t agree!  It’s beautiful and I love the colour but I feel a  bit resentful towards it.  Maybe we just need some time apart after Beth’s LekSak is finished?

We were given some money for Arthur’s birthday and this two seat bike trailer was half price. I took it shopping yesterday with both kids and it worked well.  Why didn’t I get one sooner? Here is Graham giving it a test run.


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