Yarn along


Happy new year! I took a ton of lovely pictures and I’ll post them tomorrow.  How was your new year?  Did you have a good one?

I’m joining Ginny today for Yarn Along.  I’m just about at the bust line with the February Lady Sweater and so far I am really enjoying this pattern.  It’s coming along a treat! The book is a new novel by the author who wrote The Curious Incident of The Dog at Midnight.  I wanted to get back into fiction and The Red House was a Christmas present that I started reading last week.  So far I’ve read one page, oh dear! I spend too much time listening to pod casts and the radio.

I’m writing the blog today on our new Mac book Pro retina and what a difference! Normally I have a little girl playing with my hair and a baby using me as a stand aid because our house computer is so slow at uploading pictures.  But today? Today I’m on it! They haven’t even noticed I’m busy.  It’s a first for my children, if they sense you are doing something that requires concentration then they want in on the action.

We are going to my Mum’s house for dinner tonight so it’s another day for stretchy waist banded trousers! Day one of 2014 spent eating? Why not? Day two can be a day of regret and self loathing….

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  • Oh, no self loathing! Always a new day to be good in, enjoy today! 🙂