World Book Day




Arthur woke up two Saturdays ago with a bark-like cough and a running nose,  later that afternoon he was lethargic, pyrexial, and irritable.  After a sleepless weekend he was finding it hard to breathe so a quick trip to the GP diagnosed him with Croup.  He wouldn’t take food or water but thankfully he’s still nursing. 

Croup is terrible.  Nigh time brings coughing fits, vomiting and choking.  I’ve been sleeping  upright with him on my chest, waking up wet from snot, vomit and tears.  It’s been tough enough had it not been that the rest of us have caught the virus that causes the sickness.  Graham and Beth have felt run down but thankfully they’ve not been too unwell.  On Wednesday a friend was shocked to see how pale and tired I looked. I have no energy and feel utterly washed out.  I still feel under the weather but I’ll be brighter after the weekend.  I pray.

The up side of being unwell is the guilt free hours of TV you’re granted.  I wanted to watch Downton Abbey for a long time and the time in bed has let me  fanatically watch it.  It’s just wonderful. If you haven’t seen it and you like period dramas then this program is for you.  

For me being unwell does bring guilt with it.  The sleepless nights and the time spent recovering means I haven’t spent much time with Beth.  I wanted to make her feel special and my daughter appreciates what I make more than anyone else.  In one afternoon I knitted her this botanical Cowl with a duck egg blue yarn I’d bought last year in the John Lewis sale.   She sat on my lap and with excitement waited for me to cast off.  The delight she has wearing it makes me so proud of her.  I adore that girl.

For World Book day she wanted to go as Mary from The Secret Garden.  Right now it our favorite book to read together.  It was the last book I read before she was born so it’s nice to revisit it with her.

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