Weekend adventures

I have been doing veganuary this month and so far it’s been pretty easy but I have gone really carb heavy with my diet. I have ate so much bread, potato, pasta and even more potato. The potato cravings have calmed down now but I was seriously craving them all the time for about 3 weeks!

Eating vegan at home has been fine. I’ve found lots of great recipes thanks to the minimalist baker , deliciously ella, and good old pintrest. However, eating out has been a bit more of a challenge. A group of friends and I went out for dinner and although the place had a vegan menu there was no pudding or starters. It’s still not as straight forward.

Luckily Graham is on board with trying veganury and so for a wee treat we went to a vegan pub in Glasgow and went all out on the carb heavy deliciousness on offer.

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