Warm Fuzzy jar


Since becoming a big sister Beth has needed a bit more of an incentive to practice her listening skills.  My catch phrase of recent has been “Am I talking to myself?” or “Beth, are you listening to me?”. At times it is utterly frustrating, particularly when it comes to her or Arthur’s safety.  I did some research and few mama bloggers have used a warm fuzzy jar.  I don’t really agree with negative discipline.  Far too often in Glasgow you see parents smacking there child for hitting another child.  Really were is the logic in that?   And in the past we had used a time out corner but we found it was distressing Beth beyond the reason we had put her there, and we had done it more because we needed a time out from her.  She isn’t the type of child to throw a temper tantrum.  In fact when Beth is tired or feeling one of the typical emotions that lead to a tantrum, she becomes the worlds biggest whinger. (Here is the best definition of this word if you don’t use it)  A day long of whinging can lead to a very long, exhausting day.  So the warm fuzzy jar has been a true blessing.  She gets two every morning for going to bed the night before without any drama and one for eating every meal with out issue.  These are two areas where she needs the most incentive.  Then other fuzzes are awarded for being helpful and so on.  And on the other side if she doesn’t listen or do what is asked then after a warning a fuzzy is taken away.  It is simple but, my goodness, it has been a miracle! Once she understood the rules she was even starting to do more than I had asked in the hope that I might give her another warm fuzzy.  And after 5 weeks that empty pickle jar was finally filled to the top this morning.


I have had this fabric hand embroidered envelope for a long time but couldn’t find any real use for it.  So now it is pinned to my kitchen wall and is the perfect place to store the warm fuzzies.

Have you ever read Katie Morag? We love her in our house. Katie Morag is feisty and good fun, and I like that every page has lots of detailed art work. Also, her siblings wear cloth nappies, Grannie Island is a strong female role model like my Mother, and Mrs M’Coll breast feeds her babes, so the books are a bit like our home life. My mother used to read these books to me and, 29 years later, Katie Morag is still adored in our family. Beth always asks if we could one day go to the Island of Struay To visit her. My darling girl! As a treat for filling her jar to the top she picked Island Stories and it is so special.

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  • I’ve just found you through Ginny’s yarn along, and I wanted to say we love Katie Morag too, especially the breastfeeding/cloth nappy normality! Hurrah! Hope you’re not too chilly up in Glasgow this week x

    • We love her here too! Her books are the kind you can read over and over again. And the weather in Glasgow is what you expect, wet! 🙂