The secret of Spiggy Holes

_MG_1399Growing up I adored the author Enid Blyton. Books such as Pip the pixie, The Magic Faraway Tree, and, of course, The Secret’s series, will always be firm favourites to me.

The Secret Island is a story I would highly recommend to anyone, young or old alike, with a sense for adventure. It is a book I love dearly. Another great book in the secret series is The Secret of Spiggy Holes. It tells the story of four children who, while holidaying in Cornwall, discover smugglers using the caves surrounding the Old house. It’s a story of kidnapping, danger, and secret tunnels along the coast line. And in true Enid Blyton style there is lots of delicious picnics and suppers described.

Today while Beth was at ballet and tap class Graham suggested instead of our usual coffee stop we go for a walk along the coastline. Where we live the sea sweeps for miles and while most of it is sand there is also rocks and interesting bays to explore.






IMG_1417 We rested for a while and I knitted more of Arthur’s Milo vest. It was so calm and peaceful. There is something really special about hearing gentle waves hitting the shore back and forth, the smell of fresh sea area, and the meditative, repetitive nature of knitting. In, loop and out. In, loop and out…..


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  • Louise Rodgers

    Where you live looks absolutely gorgeous! I don’t knit myself but I can see why you would find this so relaxing!

  • I wish I could knit, the pictures are lovely x

  • I adore the Secret books – particularly the secret island. Always fancied running away to a self sufficient lifestyle, maybe one day.