The best roast chicken

(in our opinion!)

Since the new year began both kids have been unwell.  Beth woke up with chicken pox on new year’s eve and since has been weak and not her normal self.  Graham and I waited it out, knowing inevitably Arthur would have soon too have the chicken pox too.   And after a week of being unsettled, sure enough spots started popping up all over Arthur.   Although, while Beth had a few, Arthur is covered.   He has them inside his ears, between his toes, under his armpits, and really, everywhere else.  Even his scalp is badly affected. So it’s been a weekend of sleepless nights, bicarbonate of soda baths, lotion applying, and baby cuddling.  And to add to it?  Beth has developed a chest infection!

So today I made a roast chicken in the hope of making some comforting bone broth soup and I thought I’d share my father’s roast chicken recipe.

(it was only after I start carving that I remembered to take a photo)


Firstly, you will need –

A medium free range and/or organic chicken

A large onion,  two or three carrots (or parsnips),  two garlic bulbs, half a lemon, celery.

butter, salt & pepper, oil

Heat your oven to 200C and take your chicken out the fridge.

Then take a big ass onion and cut into rings, chop two stalks of celery, peel a bulb of garlic and chop carrots into chunks, and put it all into an oven dish big enough for your bird.


Then take the butter and rub it all over the top of chicken with salt and pepper.  Drizzle some oil over the whole thing but don’t add too much. Chop the second bulb of garlic in half and put both halves inside the chicken with half a lemon. I prick the lemon a few times.



Then put the chicken uncovered in the oven for 1hr or until the juices run clear. I like to baste the chicken a few times just to make sure but because you are cooking high the meat doesn’t get a chance to dry in the oven.  The meat is moist and falls off the bone when ready.

Once cooked put the meat into a ceramic pot and put on the lid.  Let the meat rest for at least 15 minuets while you either use the veg left in the pan to make gravy or just eat them as they are.  Roasted garlic is Arthur’s favorite.

And once you are finished eating? Boil the carcass and make this broth.

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