sword fighting

Graham is in the process of making two wooden swords for part of his Halloween costume. He thought it would be a great idea to make Beth and Arthur a pair of easy quick swords to play with.

IMG_1334Sadly, because the kids are aged 5 and 2, Arthur took no time to hit Beth’s fingers and head with his sword.

IMG_1335After a warning to be gentle the swords were quickly seen to be unsafe as Arthur was being too rough towards his sister. So Graham had to put an end to their fun.

IMG_1339Thankfully, Graham had a better idea and when he went to the hardware store later that day he came home with two foam pipe insulation tubes, and the sword fighting recommenced but was pain free!


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  • Oh my god, this post is hilarious! The pictures are brilliant! Nearly going over into, should I comfort my child or take a photo first territory. Glad to see you went with the latter! Foam all the way. What they really need are light sabres 🙂

    • sara_miller

      It was too funny to not take the photos 😉 Light sabres would be great!