Spring luminary lantern

The weather here in Scotland has been pretty wild the last few weeks. We have had hale stones, heavy rain, and freezing cold winds. Despite this, the days have been getting a bit longer and sweet snowdrops and crocus flowers have started popping their heads out of the soil.

To welcome the reawakening of the flowers and plants we made this spring luminary lantern to light on our dinner table while the evenings are still dark. It turned out really nicely but I would advise that you never leave the tea light candle lit if you aren’t going to be near by.


To start I drew this tree on watercolour paper with black pen and Beth drew on flowers and leafs with coloured pencils.


Then she painted the paper with olive oil.


After the excess oil was blotted with an old cloth, the paper was trimmed, and I used my hot glue gun to glue the paper lantern into a wide tube. Once cooled we placed a lit tea light inside and enjoyed our lantern.



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