sliding into spring

My goodness! I can’t believe it has been two months since I last posted! It has been a very, very, busy time and it feels good to be back online.

So we are now unpacked and settled into our new home, I am on maternity leave from work, and Graham is finding his feet in his new job.  Beth had taken a break between kindergartens and the time off was, well, a little exhausting for everyone, but enjoyable.  I wanted to have some girl time before baby number two is born and we certainly had some fun.  Although, we are now back into our routine of kindergarten two days a week.

So Easter? Well, as we now have a garden we really wanted to use the space to welcome the awakening of the plants, the return of some birds, the beginning of new lives, and to say fair well to the darker days behind us.  Living in Scotland you can never REALLY say good bye to the colder nights because generally the weather can be cold and wet every day of the year.  The day before Easter Sunday Graham and Beth collected sticks to make a nest in the garden.  We were not too sure where we were going with it but we told Beth that the next morning there might be a surprise in it.  And guess what? That morning Beth found Mother nature had left her a present as she was so impressed with the beautiful nest Beth had made.  It worked out well and the soft cuddly bunny has followed Beth everywhere since.


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