So far, November has been a month of preparing for the months ahead. The Swallows have left for the warmer climate of Africa and flocks of migrating Geese have been passing high up in the sky.  Beth and I love watching these birds fly in their perfect formation, and I like to pretend they are waving their wings to say hello to us.  A friend has been given some pheasant and game birds, and I’m hoping we can use their feathers for some crafts. Is that maybe a little morbid? I’m not sure.

Have you ever watched the BBC’s “The Great British Year”? If not I’d really recommend it.  We don’t have a TV so I’m usually a bit late in finding out about these things but I’m glad I discovered it. It gives you an insight into what different animals and plants endure in the cycle of one year, and it’s my kind of television.

On the subject of the BBC, Graham and I have started a bit of a silly Sunday night habit.  When the kids are settling for the night we put on radio 6 and we tweet the presenter so he will read out what we have said.  This Sunday’s show was asking what was the first record you bought and we wrote in mine was Mr Blobby. It was read out but the song was never played.  I just can’t imagine why!

Graham and I have started planning our Christmas gifts.  We try to make everyone’s gifts and this year I think we have a clear idea of what we want to do.  Beth is getting a new bike, and a few bits we know she’d like, but everything else is being hand made.  Arthur is too little to care but I know I want to make him something special since it is his first Christmas. So far Graham has bottled spicy winter ale, and at a friend’s house last weekend we made Delia Smith’s Spiced Picked Pears. It smells like Christmas in a jar and I can’t wait to eat our pears with some cold meats.  My Dad and his partner will be getting some with a nice cheese and wine for their gift, if I don’t steal it first! I have to hold off making peppermint bark because I eat it all before anyone gets their present.

A friend brought this dark chocolate mince meat for us to try out and It really is tasty.  I made it on Saturday but I added pistachio nuts and extra cranberries. Although, it has three apples in it so I don’t know how long it will last but I’d like to make it again.

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