Pebble Vest- Yarn Along



I knitted two pebble vests for Arthur before he was born.  Both were first size as I reckoned if he was anything like his petite sister he’d be thin and small but I was wrong.  This boy has done nothing but grow and grow, and and those sweet little vests have never fitted him.  I had two balls of tweedy mustard yarn stashed away in the hope of a new beanie hat for next autumn but what is a new born baby without some mama made clothes?  So I knitted him this pebble vest on 5mm needles and hopefully he will get some wear out of it.

Also I regularly find I have accidentally dressed Beth and myself in matching outfits.  I’m not sure if its because I had the colors in my mind when I was getting dressed or if because the colors get washed together and are ready to be worn at the same time.  However, Graham noticed the other day that I have been doing it with Arthur .  Thankfully Beth more often prefers to choose her own outfits these days or we’d look like a bad imitation of the Von trapps!


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  • very cute! it is always so fascinating to me to see how each child is unique and fully his or her self!

  • oh. I love the accidental matching!! super cute! ha!

  • I tend to do that too… dress like my children. Accidentally of course!!! I suppose it is bound to happen since I buy and make their clothes and with the younger ones dress them.

    Loving this Pebble Vest – will be starting to knit one myself soon too me thinks.

  • Ha! Glad I’m not alone. Pebble vests do look lovely and are very easy to make- the perfect match!