Rainy days and Mondays

“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.”
― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat












For days It hasn’t stopped raining here. We don’t mind the odd rainy day, in the house snuggling up with some books, but after a while the cabin fever can set it. So feeling the need for fresh air, yesterday Beth and I decided we’d had enough and braved the great outdoors. Although we had library books to return and blanket baiting to buy we took advantage of the wet weather and went to our favourite rainy day places. With Rosie the bunny in tow we visited the retro book shop, where we found a book called “rabbits and raindrops”, then after some puddle splashing we went to a cafe to play dominos and drink warm apple strudel tea. The best thing about this cafe, aside from its food and faerie garden, is its zen room. Really, it’s just an elevated alcove with pillows, but it’s great for spreading out and doing the odd sun dance if required.

Today it’s back to playgroup, seeing friends, returning library books, and my knitting circle tonight, but yesterday was about taking the time to acknowledge the rain and finding what we could from it.

Feeling the season

To avoid the January blues I always like to take this lull in the season to make plans and lists for the year ahead. However, being a libra sometimes I fantasise about my great ideas more than I achieve them. Typically I’ll have a great plan but wont write it down and then another great idea will butt in and I’ll become so consumed with that new idea that the last one will have escaped me. It can be rather frustrating trying to remember what I had been obsessed with last week.

However, something’s always stick. Graham and I have always wanted to live somewhere with a garden, Beth always plans for us to go camping, and I always want to do more knitting. So we are moving into a new house close to my family in February, I have reduced my hours at work which will give me plenty time to knit, and, um, do other productive activities, and we are planning to go camping when the weather warms up a bit. However, living in Scotland that will be exchanged for rain most likely. But so far, the plans made this year have been put in place and that is an achievement.


Since joining a knitting circle in early January I have also managed more knitting this year, which has been wonderful for mummy alone time. I recently completed another tiny tea leaves for Beth but this time used Ginny sheller’s notes to make a much tighter neck line. Her blog can be found here. Fresh off the needles the next project is to knit the adult tea leaves for my dearest friend but the pattern will need adjusted to fit her size so that will have to be put on the to do list. Plus Beth has been moved up to the big girls ballet class and reported the room is “freezing” cold so I’m casting on some leg warmers for her.

Talking of Beth, her and binky the kitten shared a perfect morning when he was visiting. I love how gentle and sweet they were together that day. I had to take some photos.



Lastly, for my darling partner, and as its burns night tonight, this is for Graham my true sweetheart.

New year resolutions

I never like to make a New Years resolution that I know I won’t keep. Too many years have been wasted on empty promises and so this year my New Years resolution is to keep New Years resolutions. Yes it might seem pretty lame, but my friend has given up much for lent and he has stuck to it since.

So the changes I want to get my teeth into this year are all small things that won’t make a dramatic difference but will make a positive impact on my wellbeing. The first one is I have decided this year I am going to curb my wasteful spending on food. Honestly, nothing excites me more than buying over priced delicious food, the more unnecessary the more thrilling it is to me. And another one is to get into baking. I am a competent cook but a really inpatient baker. Paired together my family will save money and I can still enjoy a pleasure I’ll never give up – cake!

I found this recipe for spiced honey cookies on Martha Stewart’s page but added double the ginger because we all love a good more spice in our cookies in this house. These are really delicious and easy to make. And don’t be mislead by the 6hr prep time, most of it is down to the time it takes for the icing to fully set and we skipped that step.


A very helpful toddler is another vital ingredient.


We decorated ours with shop bought icing and, um, ate them before I could photograph any.