In the garden

We had a lovely weekend spent at Graham’s parent’s house.  What I like best is that they live near the coast, have a huge garden and a cosy wood burning stove.  It is utter bliss for this town dweller.

Another benefit of visiting your family is the access to people on hand to help out.  Beth and Arthur are both suffering from a cold so it was great to have extra people to help with two snotty, cranky children.  Graham and I really needed a good rest, especially because poor Arthur is finding it difficult to feed during the night with a blocked nose and a tongue tie.  Thankfully last night he cracked breast feeding with me lying down so a better nights sleep was had. He is waking every two hours to feed so things are going fine otherwise.



Shore wood drying out in the green house for future projects.


The boys made a patio for outside the french doors to our house.  It’s a high step into the garden so they took three wooden pallets and made two wide steps.  It still needed stained but they did a great job for three men, a vague idea, and too many hammers!




Poor sick Arthur.  He is such a relaxed, calm baby.  What a tonic for his father who has two crazy females to live with 🙂

and then we had two


On Sunday the 21st of April at 12.32pm we welcomed baby Arthur Edward Higgins to our family.

He was three weeks early (both my children are impatient!) and weights a healthy 7lbs10oz.


We had hope for a natural delivery but in the end I needed to have another Cesarean section. However, all the staff were great and the birth was still pretty special.   The medical staff took our wishes into consideration and so we saw him as soon as he was out, we were continually kept informed on what was happening, and in the recovery room our midwife let us see the placenta.  Beth was rushed into the world and her birth felt like a bit of a whirlwind so this time round Graham and I had a good idea of what we wanted to happen.

arthur day 1 to 5 134

sliding into spring

My goodness! I can’t believe it has been two months since I last posted! It has been a very, very, busy time and it feels good to be back online.

So we are now unpacked and settled into our new home, I am on maternity leave from work, and Graham is finding his feet in his new job.  Beth had taken a break between kindergartens and the time off was, well, a little exhausting for everyone, but enjoyable.  I wanted to have some girl time before baby number two is born and we certainly had some fun.  Although, we are now back into our routine of kindergarten two days a week.

So Easter? Well, as we now have a garden we really wanted to use the space to welcome the awakening of the plants, the return of some birds, the beginning of new lives, and to say fair well to the darker days behind us.  Living in Scotland you can never REALLY say good bye to the colder nights because generally the weather can be cold and wet every day of the year.  The day before Easter Sunday Graham and Beth collected sticks to make a nest in the garden.  We were not too sure where we were going with it but we told Beth that the next morning there might be a surprise in it.  And guess what? That morning Beth found Mother nature had left her a present as she was so impressed with the beautiful nest Beth had made.  It worked out well and the soft cuddly bunny has followed Beth everywhere since.


Tiny tea leaves

Finally finished! This is Beth’s new tiny tea leaves cardigan. I love this pattern but the neck is a bit wider than I like so I used ginny sheller’s notes. This can be found here. The colour doesn’t really show well in the pictures but the cardigan is raspberry red.




Spring luminary lantern

The weather here in Scotland has been pretty wild the last few weeks. We have had hale stones, heavy rain, and freezing cold winds. Despite this, the days have been getting a bit longer and sweet snowdrops and crocus flowers have started popping their heads out of the soil.

To welcome the reawakening of the flowers and plants we made this spring luminary lantern to light on our dinner table while the evenings are still dark. It turned out really nicely but I would advise that you never leave the tea light candle lit if you aren’t going to be near by.


To start I drew this tree on watercolour paper with black pen and Beth drew on flowers and leafs with coloured pencils.


Then she painted the paper with olive oil.


After the excess oil was blotted with an old cloth, the paper was trimmed, and I used my hot glue gun to glue the paper lantern into a wide tube. Once cooled we placed a lit tea light inside and enjoyed our lantern.