{One word}

f489f35ea724fb3d5c532bdd69fa48a7I learned about the “One Word movement” from my friend’s blog and I think it’s a great idea. The concept behind it is instead of making a New Year resolution, that might be hard to maintain, you have one word you try to live by for 12 months (or that’s my understanding).

I thought about what mine should be for a while- what did I want mine to be? Then a huge list started to build in my head of what I wanted to do this year and I felt completely overwhelmed. My energy this year is focused on my studies, my family, my hopes to explore and travel more , my wish to improve my personal style, my need to stay on top of time management, my need for a creative output, my hopes to start a veg garden. And then I remembered, this year I’ll probably try to do these things because they are important to my mental happiness. But what do I need to remind myself to do?  I need to remember to breathe and enjoy the moment.

Sometimes I struggle to stop and breathe. I think “Oh, this is lovely but I really should be doing……”

And then I started writing a list on how I could encourage this new personal mantra. Thoughts of meditation, yoga and reading started started running through my head and I though “No! Just breathe!” Are you doing the One Word this year?


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  • Breathing is important. I find it enables you to live in the moment but it is easy to forget!

    • Completely! I forget to breathe regularly. I think being a busy Mum makes it even more important to remind yourself to stop and live in these precious moments.