In the garden

10838127_857978237592454_8161518898838733884_o 10987330_857978067592471_7650223591379381987_o 11018840_857978277592450_6736631574418361155_o 11080621_857977924259152_4272080152730441297_o 11096445_857977654259179_908242615507363534_oBefore Graham and I moved to the country we dreamed about having our own garden. A green space to grow vegetables, raise chickens, a place to eat breakfast in our dressing gowns with a hot mug of tea while the kids are still asleep.

Last year the house was our main focus but it is (almost) finished and the garden has began to grab our attention. I have been under a fair bit of pressure completing the last leg of my studies before summer and so much of the effort has been of Graham and the kid’s.

Last year Graham found some unwanted scaffolding planks that he turned into raised beds, along with a bathroom cabinet and an old bookshelf.  So far we have only planted out garlic, carrots and potatoes. The potatoes are part of an educational initiative that I applied to take part in last year. We live near to the coast where Ayrshire potatoes are grown and so the kids really liked it when they noticed the farmers planting their our batch of seed potatoes.

The front garden is looking so sad at the moment but I can already see progress. Before the raised beds this side of the garden had stones and high bushes with deep roots. Graham chopped down some tress on our land after the foot path that block out sunlight so in the drier weather he intends to hire a wood chipper so we can put the chips in between the beds.

11080500_854786764578268_1875404905361431363_oThe other side we intend to put down grass and make space for a chicken coop. Graham also feels a workshop is essential to his happiness and one might find it’s way into this space too. The raised bed in the photo has wild seeds planted by Beth. She wanted her own bed to tend and I’m happy with that. One less flower picked from else where.



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