In the garden

autumn 2014 151autumn 2014 152  autumn 2014 153 autumn 2014 182autumn 2014 183Have I ever told you about my garden? Well, it is a horrible mess! Covered in a thick layer of stones it’s going to take a long time to turn it in to the place of serenity I’d like it to be. I have visions of chickens, a fish pond, a rope swing, a veg patch, and beautiful flowers. Right now, I have stones and weeds.

Thankfully, Graham is on a mission, one weekend at a time, to turn our garden into a haven.  One, quite possibly, made of wooden pallets.  What did you do this weekend? Well, aside from attending a family craft and dinner night in our church (which was fab!), I spent the weekend watching Graham and his Dad saw and hammer their way round the garden. I worked on my dissertation proposal as they repaired the rotting shed wall, built a log store (for the fantasy wood burner) AND then they built a space under the decking to save Arthur’s push chair from the rain. This was all done while Beth and Arthur played like abandoned feral children outside adult supervision. I don’t know what they got up to but at once point I saw them bitting leaves off a bush.

Graham and his Dad in the last few months have also made a fence out of pallets, lifted up half of the stones from the garden, up rooted three 10ft conifers, built a play house for the kids, built planters out of scaffold planks, repaired the decking, and salvaged 26 wooden pallets. I think they are enjoying themselves, Graham mentioned building a pallet bed frame for us to sleep on….

(Every time Graham talks about wooden pallets, this runs through my head)

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