Henna on blonde hair


From the age of 12 I dyed my hair ash blonde. My hair was dry and broken, but I kept doing it regardless. Sadly I didn’t really look after my hair and I had so many split ends as a result of the constant bleaching. After the birth of my youngest I stopped dying my hair when I took an allergic reaction to the chemicals and from that day my hair became healthy, soft and wavy, despite having the odd highlights put in to it.

I’ve always liked auburn hair- at 17 I took a stab at dying my hair red because I wanted to look like MJ from Spiderman. The experience resulted in my bedding becoming pink and my hair being stripped at the hairdressers because my hair looked so awful. My desire to dye my hair red ended when my hair looked and felt like orange candy floss, but my pinging for having auburn hair never faded!

Recently I researched henna on blonde hair and found great reviews for Lush’s Caca Rouge Henna. I’ve heard a lot about henna over the years but I was nervous because it can be unpredictable. However, I am so in love with the result. My hair has been left just as healthy as it was before but the shine make it look even better. I’ve heard it can make your hair softer but because my hair was in a pretty good condition before hand the henna hasn’t done much to it. One thing I will add is that since I’ve used the henna my waves have kinda gone but my hair feels a bit thicker.

Here are my top tips for light auburn henna on blonde hair

-Apply the Henna when it is really hot.

-Coconut oil is a great barrier cream.

-Do a stand test before hand to gauge how dark you want the colour to be. Henna is permanent on fair hair so there is no going back.

-Read the instructions and be prepared. This product takes time to prep and to clear up after. My bathroom was a mess afterwards.

I only applied the henna to my hair for 20 mins.


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