Hello wild weather!

craft2 craft3  craft1 craft12craft6craft14craft7 craft8On Friday the skies were clear blue, the sun shone over the beach, the squirrels played in the trees outside our house. It was a beautiful day. That night the village had a yuletide celebration and all the shops had mulled wine, free crafts and face painting, fireworks and bouncy castles. It was great to be outside, feeling festive.

Then on Saturday , well, we woke up to what appears to be the end of the world. We’ve had thunder storms, heavy rain, hail stones and wind so fierce that after Arthur’s toddler group’s christmas party the wind pushed us across the road. Yes it’s utterly British to talk about the weather but it’s been insane!

When is a better time than days like these to do some arts and crafts? Beth and I made a cardboard nativity with loo rolls as the Holy family (I knew there was a reason to stash empty rolls) and Arthur, well he likes to express himself is wilder ways these days, so while we cut and coloured he played on the rocking horse. The yellow thing in his mouth is a rubber toy that he loves. On taking Beth to school this morning Arthur hung to the side, just almost out his pram, with this toy in his hand saying “help me, help me”. He wanted to walk with it but I wanted home. Sadly it was a clash of interests in the howling wind and sleet but since he didn’t have shoes on I think I was the one in the right.

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