Hello 2015!

_MG_9241 _MG_9248 _MG_9286 IMG_9207 IMG_9217 IMG_9223 IMG_9271 IMG_9296 IMG_9297 IMG_9304 IMG_9308 IMG_9338 IMG_9340 PTDC0014 PTDC0037 PTDC0041 PTDC0053 PTDC0054 PTDC0057I took some of these pictures over Christmas and the blurry ones were taken by Beth- we give her a camera for Christmas.  As a family we managed to go star gazing over the holiday but it was so windy that none the pictures turned out very well! Graham took the kids and a kite to the beach today and it was pretty wild.

Did you have a great Christmas? I’ve been swamped down with an essay due in a couple of days then I’m free for two weeks. I think I might lay off the booze for January. Graham and I, umm, had a jolly time drinking too much over the festive period and my liver needs some rest. My good friends has a birthday next month so I’ll stop till then.

Thanks for all your time spent here over the last year. I hope 2015 blesses you with much joy, warmth and love.

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