Happy New Year!

Hello 2017! And hello Veganuary!

This year started really nicely for us. A visit to Glasgow with old friends the day before then dinner with dear friends on the 31st and lunch with new friends in the morning. Totally my kind of way to celebrate.

This January as a family we are doing veganuary and so far it’s going fine. I’ve found tasty recipes from a few blogs I follow and other from vegan and vegetarian books I’ve taken from the library. Following a plant based diet can seem a bit restrictive but I’ve found some great supportive groups on facebook and 9 days into veganuary have been delicious so far. Really my only issue is I feel we are eating a lot of bread but I’m going to work on that, how? I am not sure. I do feel good in myself and so far the kids are mostly on board with it. Beth has done better than Arthur but for him I think it’s more about trying foods he isn’t sure about. So we are taking it slowly with him while he transitions, and it is working best for him. Graham and I had Friday off work so we all went for brunch to a cafe I knew was more health conscious and likely to have some vegan friendly food. Luckily our waitress was vegan and she was super helpful so maybe this whole vegan thing might not be too bad?

For a new vegan I would recommend myvegansupermarket.com  as a great place to start for SFV foods.

{Check the size of our brussels sprouts!}



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