Geranium dress

{My Grandmother grew Geraniums and when I read this pattern I could smell them so vividly}


When I was 25 years old I liked to buy old double bedsheets with odd matching pillow slips from a local charity shop in Glasgow. I would pop into this shop on the way home from a day of pottering around Glasgow with my one year old baby girl. The shop sold the best unwanted bedding, jewellery and kids clothing, it was a hidden gem. Back then I would buy thick brushed cotton sheets for £1 and funky retro duvet covers for £2. I wasn’t a confident sewer and was just learning how to knit so I stashed the fabrics for a day when I knew I could do something with them.  Now that sweet baby girl I used to explore Glasgow with, read books to in coffee shops, carried everywhere on my back, that sensitive toddler I cherished so dearly is now a tall and inquisitive 6 year old, full of life and wonder, interested in space, nature and adventure. It’s hard not to love bomb her when everyday she writes me a love letter, believes me to be the most exceptional person in the whole world that can do anything possible, and tells me an interesting fact she has learned that day (did you know that Mars is red because it is rusted iron?). She cried when a dog killed a poorly bird in our garden then after we buried it she wondered it we could dig it up in a few months to add to her reference collection of bones, seeds, shells and pretty stones. I love it when people remark on how kind, warm and thoughtful she is, I am pretty in awe with her too! But then, isn’t that our privilege as Mothers? We get to invest our time into these perfect little people, to help them become someone we can be in awe with? The pattern is called Geranium.









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  • That fabric works perfectly, it does remind me of seventies quilt covers but it looks great as a dress too! The shop you bought the quilt cover from sounds wonderful, the perfect treasure trove 🙂

    • Thank you! Before I washed the fabric it also smelled like a seventies quit cover 😉 It smelled very old.