First day of Advent

november 016

Since yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent I can now officially get excited about Christmas.  I felt the tingle of seasonal cheer creep in quite early this year . Is it because after Christmas my dissertation proposal will be done? Perhaps, but whatever it is, I’m glad I can now start talking about my plans!

Beth and I had a boy-free afternoon on Sunday. In the village there is a beautiful old church that’s been renovated into a craft centre and we popped along to help decorate the garden with willow decorations.  We wove stars, Christmas trees, and Angels, and luckily we were allowed to make a few to decorate our home with. I took some pictures and they are on my instagram feed if you’d like to see them (link is in the sidebar)

I really enjoyed willow weaving, it’ a bit like knitting.  There is a class in March so I might sign up for it……like I have NOTHING else going on right now.

Graham and I were at a friend’s wedding on Saturday so Sunday was a fuzzy kind of day.  We were treated to a St Andrew’s day dinner thanks to Graham’s parents and once home I sat on the sofa, ready to think about bed, when I realised I hadn’t finished the Advent Calendar I planned to make.  I found some scrap material left over from Beth’s stocking when my singer sewing machine starting misbehaving. 10 mins later I was crawling around my loft to get down the old Bernina (note to self- buy a touch!). I sewed little bags and used pegs I’d bought in Tiger. Inside is a mix of chocolate, bells, pencils, special stones, and a very special gift to put on the tree on Christmas Eve. The lack of sleep was completely worth it.  Beth was really excited to see it this morning and who doesn’t like chocolate before breakfast?



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