Coming inside


It’s been a while since I wrote here.  Both kids have been ill and any spare time online has been donated to finding seasonal crafts and gift ideas.  Last year I was exhausted balancing a full time job in a busy medical ward, being a hands on parent, and being pregnant to boot.  We didn’t have very much support available to us then, and not having a car to save time on travailing, or much money to make life more comfortable, meant we were pretty poor in every way of the word.

This year?  Well this year has been a blessing.  Maternity leave has allowed me to spend much needed time to recover from the difficult year before, and my attitude towards being active has really changed.  I feel more centered now we have a monthly rhythm.  Before this year we were always out and about, with no real set schedule, but in recent months I’ve really found an inner peace in doing less and enjoying the smaller moments more.  It has also had a great impact on my family’s relationship with each other.  Graham and I seem to have more fun spending time together than we did before, and by allowing a slower pace to be introduced, family time has become a much greater priority in our household.


Beth has taken to wanting to sleep anywhere but in her bed.  I don’t think she dislikes her bed, rather I think she is just getting a bit bored of it.  The same bed every night gets a bit repetitive, doesn’t it? So she likes to mix it up.  I don’t mind, I’m the same way too.


The Christmas crafting has already started in our house. Today we are making tree decorations and from there we’ll start the gifts. Graham and I are planning to make everyone a small token gift this year but we’ll have to see how well it works out.


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