The secret of Spiggy Holes

_MG_1399Growing up I adored the author Enid Blyton. Books such as Pip the pixie, The Magic Faraway Tree, and, of course, The Secret’s series, will always be firm favourites to me.

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{Yarn Along} Milo vest and an upcycled hot water bottle cover

IMG_1368 (1)IMG_1360 (1)Oh hello Autumn! Oh, this is my all time favourite time of year. What is there not to love?

So,before I get romantic about this wonderful season I’ll quickly interrupt myself and talk about what I’ve been making. What is better for a toddler in autumn that a knitted vest? Still to0 warm for thick winter coats but too chilly for just thin cotton tops, vests are my go to for small people. Plus, they look darn cute! I cast this Milo. The pattern is very easy- the kind you can follow while watching TV with a glass of wine-and I like the no fuss for buttons.

The hot water bottle cover is for Beth’s birthday. I made it using an old jumper and shirt that are too small for her now. It’s not finished but I think it will turn out OK. I’ll give a fuller update once it’s completed.


I’m also reading Jane Eyre at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. After I’m done I want to watch the BBC version.

Are you reading or crafting anything you are excited about just now?

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{Yarn along} Fingerless Gloves

{Joining the wonderful Ginny again today}



I knitted these gloves in the car on my way to university over the last few Tuesdays (don’t worry, I wasn’t the driver!)  I didn’t follow a pattern as such, I just knitted rib for an inch on each side and stocking stitch in between. I did the first one to how it felt and copied the same pattern for the other glove. Then I sewed up the two long sides together, leaving a gap for thumbs. The second picture is the glove inside out so you can see what I mean. This is definitely a “not paying attention” kind of pattern. Perfect for knitting in a car (or with a glass of wine)

Do you have a seasonal book basket? I like to have one, it keeps me organised and it is nice for the family to enjoy the rhythm of the seasons in this way.  I typically have poetry, reference books and, of course, lots of fiction.

This year we decided against a Christmas tree.  I feel sorry to see a beautiful living tree be cut down and then put in the bin 4 weeks later, and the potted trees in my experience don’t usually survive either.  We have a 7ft swiss cheese plant (called Monster) that Beth suggested we decorate instead, and I think it looks pretty lovely. I did consider buying a plastic tree but maybe Monster is a better choice for us for now.

book2 book3 book4 book5

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{Yarn Along}

Joining Ginny again for Yarn Along

november 020I’ve picked up Beth’s Lesak tunic again.  I started it last winter and it’s still not finished.  It was so close to completion when I thought I’d lost it. So I started to make another one when, would you believe, I found the original. It was very frustrating. All knitting fell to the sideline while we moved house this year and I’m only getting back into it now.

Here are some pictures of the wood store/ push chair store that Graham built at the weekend.  The photos aren’t great I’m afraid.  I would have taken more but the cat caught a hedge sparrow and I had to chase her around the gardens.  The bird survived but the cat earned herself a collar with three bells added to it.  Bonnie came from a dairy farm and her Mother did a good job training her to kill. In someways she is a brilliant pet- very sweet and gentle with the children, and comes with us for walks along the Glen outside the house – but she knows how to handle herself.  Bonnie likes to pounce on the neighbour’s cats and will climb trees to chase a squirrel, she sure is something else.

november 004

november 006

yarn along 007

autumn 2014 205



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Yarn along- winter walk

yarn along 019yarn along 020Isn’t that yarn great? It knits up like a fair Isle pattern without the effort needed. I think I’ll make a hat for Arthur with it, now which pattern should I pick?  I’m also sewing Arthur a pair of Quick Change Trousers lined with some Warm and Natural Cotton wadding left over from a patchwork quilt I’m making for Beth’s Christmas. Oh my,  I love sewing and knitting. It’s almost my personal therapy!

I’ve felt a real desire to be outside these last few weeks.  It’s almost like a new world has appeared from under where there once was thick trees and leafy bushes, and I love the wonderful sense of freedom and space the scenery around me has. I’m training to become a Health Visitor and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently so being outside has been great for my mental wellbeing. Good friends with coffee and welcoming wood burning stoves have also helped too. One day Graham and I would like to have our own working fireplace to curl up next to with a book and a soft blanket. Oh, bliss.

autumn 2014 102

autumn 2014 118

autumn 2014 138

autumn 2014 187

autumn 2014 194

autumn 2014 191

autumn 2014 215

autumn 2014 205

autumn 2014 265

autumn 2014 268

autumn 2014 294

autumn 2014 279(Did you notice that both kids are wearing a Gap sweater? My Mum bought all her Grandchildren one last year and they still fit brilliantly)

On the way home from a friend’s party on Sunday the sky was just unbelievable. Gosh, isn’t Scotland is one of the most stunning places in the world?

autumn 2014 314

autumn 2014 306

autumn 2014 297

autumn 2014 300

autumn 2014 296

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