Yarn along- winter walk

yarn along 019yarn along 020Isn’t that yarn great? It knits up like a fair Isle pattern without the effort needed. I think I’ll make a hat for Arthur with it, now which pattern should I pick?  I’m also sewing Arthur a pair of Quick Change Trousers lined with some Warm and Natural Cotton wadding left over from a patchwork quilt I’m making for Beth’s Christmas. Oh my,  I love sewing and knitting. It’s almost my personal therapy!

I’ve felt a real desire to be outside these last few weeks.  It’s almost like a new world has appeared from under where there once was thick trees and leafy bushes, and I love the wonderful sense of freedom and space the scenery around me has. I’m training to become a Health Visitor and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently so being outside has been great for my mental wellbeing. Good friends with coffee and welcoming wood burning stoves have also helped too. One day Graham and I would like to have our own working fireplace to curl up next to with a book and a soft blanket. Oh, bliss.

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autumn 2014 294

autumn 2014 279(Did you notice that both kids are wearing a Gap sweater? My Mum bought all her Grandchildren one last year and they still fit brilliantly)

On the way home from a friend’s party on Sunday the sky was just unbelievable. Gosh, isn’t Scotland is one of the most stunning places in the world?

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autumn 2014 296

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A birthday at the beach

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In a stark contrast to the beautiful weather two weeks before, Graham’s birthday was a very grey wet day. But nonetheless, it was a lovely day filled with warmth and happiness. And even though it was the end of a hurricane, and so flipping windy, we took the kids to the beach nearby and, yeah, it was fun.

Graham loves Black Forest gateau and I followed this recipe for his birthday cake. It’s definitely a boozy number and probably not for kids to eat (oops, mine did!) I’ve never made a cake without flour before but it’s turned out well.

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A taste of Autumn

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I love Autumn. It’s by far the best time of year in my opinion. Beth’s birthday always seems to land on the last warm days of early Autumn and it was great to take advantage of the good weather to celebrate her birthday.  This year she asked if she could have a Frozen party for her friends. I had so much fun making her Elsa costume and she really loves wearing it. I used this simplicity pattern and added sleeves and the cape myself.  This is what I learned- never work with sequences on elasticated fabric.

Graham also made the kids their playhouse from wooden pallets and root felting from our neighbour. It cost him next to nothing to build and I think it’s pretty fantastic.  He drew a rough drawing and made it in a weekend. Next on his agenda is a wooden pallet table. He has also made a fence but that’s for another post.

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moving home


We got the keys to our first home last Friday. Already we’ve pulled up the carpets, stripped the walls and sanded the floors.  Graham and I painted our bedroom a stone brown and I kind of hate it! I might have to repaint it in a few months! The kids room took a while to strip and we had to apply lining paper, but it’s looking better now.  The house faces onto a glen with a stream running through and it’s so peaceful.  One lunch time I lay on the garden decking in the sunshine and listened to the birds singing, it was wonderful. I think living here will be pretty great.

I better get back to packing. It’s a stressful time just now (I returned to work the week we moved!) but we are fortunate to have good friends and family to help us.

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Turning One


Arthur turned one recently.  Goodness, how did that happen? One already?

It has been such a wonderful year getting to know this funny, inquisitive, sweet little boy.  He is fearless, strong willed and has a  hilarious sense of humor that is a joy to spend time with. He really brings love to everyone that knows him.  What a gift he is.

The night before his birthday I realised I hadn’t completed his birthday crown so frantically I finished it just before Graham and I went to bed. I like how special birthday crowns make children feel. Personally I like the crown to reflect the season or personality of it’s owner.  Beth has brown Autumn leafs on her crown and Arthur has toadstools.  The idea behind it is toadstools grow in wet seasons like Spring and, besides, I’ve always liked them.



The last two weeks have been taken up with packing, visiting family, spending rare time with my glorious nieces, two birthday celebrations, Easter, and cycling. It’s been busy but enjoyable.  We have a cycle path next to our house that leads to Loch Lomond.  One morning we packed a lunch, got on our bikes and went along it.  Beth was on her own bike so I was aware of not going too far for her.  However, she did a great job.  She cycled 10 miles and sang the whole way! Well, at 20 min intervals she would stop singing to shout “This is beautiful!” What a lass!





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