Siblings in January

As always I’m late for the show but I wanted to hook up with Dear Beautiful and mammasaurus  for this month’s siblings.

These two were pretending to be rabbits hiding from a hungry Mummy fox in their play tent. I love how much fun they have together now that Arthur is older (at the grand old age of 21 months). I’m sure whatever they are doing is causing mischief but I love hearing them laugh together. It’s a deep hearty laugh that brings a smile to anyone who hears it.



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Ah, free-ness!

IMG_9443My dissertation proposal is finished. Hurrah! I submitted it 20 minuets before the deadline, take that, poorly organised ghost of essays past! My essay was submitted on time rather than 3 hours late and I didn’t have to beg the university security guards to let me into the closed building to put my essay in the submission box. (Because really, the tutors say the deadline is 5pm but they wont empty that box till tomorrow morning so come on, let me in so I can put this essay to bed!)  It is true, the me three years ago was only slightly less organised than the me today, but I can’t say it’s not an improvement! This essay was handed in before the 5pm deadline and I think that is something of a personal achievement.

(I’m a qualified staff nurse and I am doing my master degree in Specialist Community Public Health Care. My work is training me to become a Health Visitor so right now I split my time between uni and working as a “staff nurse” health visitor)

I have two weeks holiday to take before I start the next semester. I remember last Autumn Beth finished class for the week and we were berry picking on our walk home.  I really love how free spirited my darling sweet daughter is, she becomes wild in open spaces. That day she flung off her coat and school bag, spread out her arms like she always does when free in nature, and shouted “Ahh, free-ness!” I felt like shouting those words today too but then I remembered I’m an embarrassed self-conscious adult and not as cute as a five year old.

_MG_9452IMG_9430I mean, who else but a five year old could dance this well to The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks?



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Hello 2015!

_MG_9241 _MG_9248 _MG_9286 IMG_9207 IMG_9217 IMG_9223 IMG_9271 IMG_9296 IMG_9297 IMG_9304 IMG_9308 IMG_9338 IMG_9340 PTDC0014 PTDC0037 PTDC0041 PTDC0053 PTDC0054 PTDC0057I took some of these pictures over Christmas and the blurry ones were taken by Beth- we give her a camera for Christmas.  As a family we managed to go star gazing over the holiday but it was so windy that none the pictures turned out very well! Graham took the kids and a kite to the beach today and it was pretty wild.

Did you have a great Christmas? I’ve been swamped down with an essay due in a couple of days then I’m free for two weeks. I think I might lay off the booze for January. Graham and I, umm, had a jolly time drinking too much over the festive period and my liver needs some rest. My good friends has a birthday next month so I’ll stop till then.

Thanks for all your time spent here over the last year. I hope 2015 blesses you with much joy, warmth and love.

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Hello wild weather!

craft2 craft3  craft1 craft12craft6craft14craft7 craft8On Friday the skies were clear blue, the sun shone over the beach, the squirrels played in the trees outside our house. It was a beautiful day. That night the village had a yuletide celebration and all the shops had mulled wine, free crafts and face painting, fireworks and bouncy castles. It was great to be outside, feeling festive.

Then on Saturday , well, we woke up to what appears to be the end of the world. We’ve had thunder storms, heavy rain, hail stones and wind so fierce that after Arthur’s toddler group’s christmas party the wind pushed us across the road. Yes it’s utterly British to talk about the weather but it’s been insane!

When is a better time than days like these to do some arts and crafts? Beth and I made a cardboard nativity with loo rolls as the Holy family (I knew there was a reason to stash empty rolls) and Arthur, well he likes to express himself is wilder ways these days, so while we cut and coloured he played on the rocking horse. The yellow thing in his mouth is a rubber toy that he loves. On taking Beth to school this morning Arthur hung to the side, just almost out his pram, with this toy in his hand saying “help me, help me”. He wanted to walk with it but I wanted home. Sadly it was a clash of interests in the howling wind and sleet but since he didn’t have shoes on I think I was the one in the right.

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{Yarn along} Fingerless Gloves

{Joining the wonderful Ginny again today}



I knitted these gloves in the car on my way to university over the last few Tuesdays (don’t worry, I wasn’t the driver!)  I didn’t follow a pattern as such, I just knitted rib for an inch on each side and stocking stitch in between. I did the first one to how it felt and copied the same pattern for the other glove. Then I sewed up the two long sides together, leaving a gap for thumbs. The second picture is the glove inside out so you can see what I mean. This is definitely a “not paying attention” kind of pattern. Perfect for knitting in a car (or with a glass of wine)

Do you have a seasonal book basket? I like to have one, it keeps me organised and it is nice for the family to enjoy the rhythm of the seasons in this way.  I typically have poetry, reference books and, of course, lots of fiction.

This year we decided against a Christmas tree.  I feel sorry to see a beautiful living tree be cut down and then put in the bin 4 weeks later, and the potted trees in my experience don’t usually survive either.  We have a 7ft swiss cheese plant (called Monster) that Beth suggested we decorate instead, and I think it looks pretty lovely. I did consider buying a plastic tree but maybe Monster is a better choice for us for now.

book2 book3 book4 book5

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