Beating blue Monday

_MG_9509Today is known as “blue Monday”. It’s described as the most depressing day of the year- Christmas is over, all your money is spent, it’s still dark and cold outside, and all friendly folk are hibernating under their duvet instead of socialising.

Thankfully this year I didn’t feel very gloomy on blue Monday but I did get some bad news from an old friend and it did bring back some old anxieties. So today I felt two long walks were needed. The first one with my sweet inquisitive boy and the other with the whole family. There is nothing like a walk along the beach to blow away unsettled feelings!

_MG_9679 _MG_9680 _MG_9731 IMG_9670 IMG_9692 IMG_9703IMG_9536_MG_9554_MG_9641_MG_9622And even in these “blue” days signs of life peep out from under the soil. These are small reminders that better days are ahead with more life and sunshine to come. Or that’s what I like to tell myself.IMG_9526

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  • Cariemay

    Wow what a view – and also that is possibly the cutest raincoat ever made 🙂