The secret of Spiggy Holes

_MG_1399Growing up I adored the author Enid Blyton. Books such as Pip the pixie, The Magic Faraway Tree, and, of course, The Secret’s series, will always be firm favourites to me.

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{Yarn Along} Milo vest and an upcycled hot water bottle cover

IMG_1368 (1)IMG_1360 (1)Oh hello Autumn! Oh, this is my all time favourite time of year. What is there not to love?

So,before I get romantic about this wonderful season I’ll quickly interrupt myself and talk about what I’ve been making. What is better for a toddler in autumn that a knitted vest? Still to0 warm for thick winter coats but too chilly for just thin cotton tops, vests are my go to for small people. Plus, they look darn cute! I cast this Milo. The pattern is very easy- the kind you can follow while watching TV with a glass of wine-and I like the no fuss for buttons.

The hot water bottle cover is for Beth’s birthday. I made it using an old jumper and shirt that are too small for her now. It’s not finished but I think it will turn out OK. I’ll give a fuller update once it’s completed.


I’m also reading Jane Eyre at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. After I’m done I want to watch the BBC version.

Are you reading or crafting anything you are excited about just now?

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sword fighting

Graham is in the process of making two wooden swords for part of his Halloween costume. He thought it would be a great idea to make Beth and Arthur a pair of easy quick swords to play with.

IMG_1334Sadly, because the kids are aged 5 and 2, Arthur took no time to hit Beth’s fingers and head with his sword.

IMG_1335After a warning to be gentle the swords were quickly seen to be unsafe as Arthur was being too rough towards his sister. So Graham had to put an end to their fun.

IMG_1339Thankfully, Graham had a better idea and when he went to the hardware store later that day he came home with two foam pipe insulation tubes, and the sword fighting recommenced but was pain free!


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