Ah, free-ness!

IMG_9443My dissertation proposal is finished. Hurrah! I submitted it 20 minuets before the deadline, take that, poorly organised ghost of essays past! My essay was submitted on time rather than 3 hours late and I didn’t have to beg the university security guards to let me into the closed building to put my essay in the submission box. (Because really, the tutors say the deadline is 5pm but they wont empty that box till tomorrow morning so come on, let me in so I can put this essay to bed!)  It is true, the me three years ago was only slightly less organised than the me today, but I can’t say it’s not an improvement! This essay was handed in before the 5pm deadline and I think that is something of a personal achievement.

(I’m a qualified staff nurse and I am doing my master degree in Specialist Community Public Health Care. My work is training me to become a Health Visitor so right now I split my time between uni and working as a “staff nurse” health visitor)

I have two weeks holiday to take before I start the next semester. I remember last Autumn Beth finished class for the week and we were berry picking on our walk home.  I really love how free spirited my darling sweet daughter is, she becomes wild in open spaces. That day she flung off her coat and school bag, spread out her arms like she always does when free in nature, and shouted “Ahh, free-ness!” I felt like shouting those words today too but then I remembered I’m an embarrassed self-conscious adult and not as cute as a five year old.

_MG_9452IMG_9430I mean, who else but a five year old could dance this well to The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks?



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  • I think that may be her Glasto face right there! nothing better than getting your college work done and handed in. we had the exact same wheely bin type for submittals. seemed so wrong to spend all this time working crazy on a project, then posting it into a bin!

  • Haha! Glasto face, love it. Glad you got your work done too.