New year resolutions

I never like to make a New Years resolution that I know I won’t keep. Too many years have been wasted on empty promises and so this year my New Years resolution is to keep New Years resolutions. Yes it might seem pretty lame, but my friend has given up much for lent and he has stuck to it since.

So the changes I want to get my teeth into this year are all small things that won’t make a dramatic difference but will make a positive impact on my wellbeing. The first one is I have decided this year I am going to curb my wasteful spending on food. Honestly, nothing excites me more than buying over priced delicious food, the more unnecessary the more thrilling it is to me. And another one is to get into baking. I am a competent cook but a really inpatient baker. Paired together my family will save money and I can still enjoy a pleasure I’ll never give up – cake!

I found this recipe for spiced honey cookies on Martha Stewart’s page but added double the ginger because we all love a good more spice in our cookies in this house. These are really delicious and easy to make. And don’t be mislead by the 6hr prep time, most of it is down to the time it takes for the icing to fully set and we skipped that step.


A very helpful toddler is another vital ingredient.


We decorated ours with shop bought icing and, um, ate them before I could photograph any.



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