2017 Travel Plans


As you might know the last two years have been hard work for us. Graham and I had been balancing a young family while I learned how to drive and completed a masters degree in public health nursing. Thankfully we are now settled into our new life and the hard work has paid off so we have a bit more time and money to enjoy some adventures.

I wanted to write a plan of the travel we intend to take this year, as a sort of priority list of wishes I hope to commit to. I mean, surely if I write it down then it means it has to happen, yeah?


In March Graham, the kids and I are going to Iceland for a week. We are renting an airbnb and a car while we are there. After much thought (mine was stupidly a camper van in -10 evenings) Graham and I decided this would be the best way to enjoy the country with two small people. We aren’t tied to a hotel room while the kids sleep and the golden circle tour can be broken into bite size chunks instead of a 8 hour round trip of potential boredom.

And yes, I am excited about the Blue Lagoon, whale watching and the geysers but even more so I am excited about the potential yarn and Icelandic knitting I might be able to get my hands on.


Beth and I have a shared mutual love for Harry Potter. We are obsessed. I found him in first year of high school when I had low self esteem and even lower confidence so to me Harry Potter was this secret happiness I discovered (this is going back to the year 1998 in the early Potter days). Beth loves Harry Potter, I guess the books are something that echo deep within a lot of people. So this year Beth and I plan to go to London for a girlie holiday without the boys and we will visit Harry Potter world while we are there.


On the topic of solo holidays Graham and I are thinking about visiting Berlin child free at some point this year. I’d like to go when the monthly vegan market is there so I can stuff my (fat) face and drink beer. Berlin is somewhere we have always wanted to visit as a couple and maybe this year we will manage it!

And Finally…..

Arthur wants to visit digger world this year. It’s an hour away from my Mum’s house so I’m sure a visit could be squeezed in.

(gah, look how little he is here)


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